Leadership Training: The Christ-like Way

Happiness is a choice. Letting go is a choice. Almost everything is a choice.


I am really glad that you choose to stay in this community. I am really glad that you choose to be part of this journey despite how cryptic it will be. God knows how happy I am that we were gathered to help and cherish one another all for His glory.


I’d like to share important points during our CLTS. First, I learned that in order become a leader you must know how to listen. Not just hearing but listening- listening with your heart and mind open. Second,  words are powerful. Words can greatly affect someone, may it be positively or negatively. Our words are  really  a powerful tool to uplift, to help, to encourage, and to build the community. I learned that we should continue sharing beautiful words. We should make it a habit to say something sincere and positive to each other despite our own flaws. I also learned that whenever you say something nice to someone, it bounces back to you. You become more optimistic each day. Just like my college teacher always say in prayer: Lord, help me to see what is beautiful..”


 Thirdly, I learned that in each day of our lives, we need to unlearn ourselves. Learn new things. Make innovations. Be creative. We need to be open to all possibilities, no matter how impossible it can be. There will be days when we cannot avoid making mistakes or people around you will make mistakes, it is important to remember that Jesus instructed us to forgive and love one another. No matter how sinful or how out of control the person is, it is important to be patient and loving. And at the same time we need to forgive ourselves. We need to understand each other. We need to understand each others situation. We need to understand that we have different background, up bringing, attitudes, personalities. We need to understand that we are all human beings- prone to mistakes.


And when the time comes when your patience is tested, we need to remember to go to the balcony. Meaning, we need to calm ourselves, let go of that anger first. And when you are done, evaluate of the situation rather than going into rush and careless actions. When you are ready or if it is important, then go and talk to the person. Proper channeling.


I am reminded that there must be some sacrifices to be done for the welfare of other people. There will come in our lives that we need to sacrifice our pride or our comfort for the sake of our fellowmen. And that sometimes, there will be interruptions. Some changes. And we must remember to become versatile to change.


Lastly, choose wisely. Choose to be good rather than bad. Choose the right path than the wrong one. Choose the right and loving words than the hurtful and harmful ones. Choose to encourage. Choose to laugh, to dance, to sing, to act. Choose whichever will make you happy. Choose  to listen, to trust. Choose life. Choose happiness. (Choose coke hahaha)  Choose to let go of the negative and absorb the positive. Choose to understand. Choose to learn. Choose to be united. Choose CCC.


I know that this journey of ours will never be easy. But with you, it would be a journey of learning and love. I am really happy to choose this journey. And I know I’m on the right path. I hope you feel the same way too. And I believe, you will. Let us continue keeping this “new” fire burning  together.



Keep fighting. Aja!

God bless.


PS: Congrats to the new set of Prayer Partners. 🙂



We can go a distance together. We can go beyond expectations.


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