True or not.

Deny it or not, sometimes we do clamor for attention. We always wanted that maybe somehow someone would notice that tini-tiny bit detail about you. We always wanted to be somehow in the center of their or someone’s universe. Maybe not always but there are always those moments.

We clamor for acknowledgement. We want that at least in the very least way they would know that you existed; that you are actually breathing. True or not true, I guess we never wanted to be invisible. There are just moments in life that may let you decide to be invisible. But yes, we never wanted to be completely erased in this earth. We always wanted to acknowledged. We want that there will come a time when, without even saying anything they would realize that you are just there, waiting for them to accept you.

We wanted to be appreciated. We never want to let our efforts and actions to be wasted. Maybe in our humblest moment we won’t mind, but deep inside we want them to see how you’ve been, what you did, or what you did to change the world. We wanted to let them know how you made a difference in your own little way. We wanted to hear ‘thank you’s or ‘nice work’ or other praises. We wanted that. We want to feel important. We wanted to be appreciated by even just beating-  living. Just being there. Just being who you honestly are.

We always wanted to feel loved.


Constant Learning

Constantly editing and revising, that’s what I’ve been doing for so long now. Whenever I pass by my old write ups I will not hold the urge to edit a spelling or sentence structure or anything that bothers me. And I’m thinking, maybe I’m like that in life or maybe not.

Do I constantly want everything to be in the right way? Do I fix my mistakes? Do I learn from them? Do I? Is it good or is it just too much?