A miracle is slowly and smoothly happening as this summer season is passing by. I’ve been really focused on studying and school works. I’ve been occupied by my duty schedules in the laboratory. Basically, I’m spending summer like I’ve never did before and I like it.

Although, time did not allow me to have late night walks/hang outs or to go to the beach or somewhere where one should spend summer, I am making most of this summer. I’m avoiding the disease of laziness. I don’t want to just lay around everyday, do nothing or else sleep. I aim to make each day a productive day.

From Monday to Saturday, my head is on the game. My brain and heart is striving really hard to cope with the needs of time. And I am thankful that I am spending my week that way, because it makes me appreciate the little times when I get the chance to stop and breathe for awhile. And it makes me happy. It makes me like more appreciative of the different things around me.

However, there are times when I really wanted to go home. I just want to see the family. It is really different not going home for summer.

Anyway, whatever happens I’ll make most of everything. There’s so many things yet to do. So many places to go. 

I will not stop progressing. I’ll keep striving- not surviving.  I’m pretty sure there will be a time when all my plans will just fall in to place.


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