Warnings For Anyone Who Would Want To Marry Me

To the future we should both be prepared of

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Dear Sir, (I don’t know how formal we are. You might be extra fancy.)

So, you think you want to marry me.


I would encourage you to think twice before committing to such a long-term undertaking. I have been engaged twice and to be quite frank I’m over the wedding cancelling thing. Know that if I choose to marry you I will stay cute, make you laugh, bake insanely good cookies to bring to your boss at Christmas, and I will generally support the crap out of you. However, there are bad things you must know upfront, which I cover in this letter. I will work on all of these, but you can’t marry someone expecting them to change- that’s Dr. Phil 101 so here it is- take it or leave it as it currently stands:

  • I will say “Let’s go to the beach!” and I’ll gleefully gather tons…

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A miracle is slowly and smoothly happening as this summer season is passing by. I’ve been really focused on studying and school works. I’ve been occupied by my duty schedules in the laboratory. Basically, I’m spending summer like I’ve never did before and I like it.

Although, time did not allow me to have late night walks/hang outs or to go to the beach or somewhere where one should spend summer, I am making most of this summer. I’m avoiding the disease of laziness. I don’t want to just lay around everyday, do nothing or else sleep. I aim to make each day a productive day.

From Monday to Saturday, my head is on the game. My brain and heart is striving really hard to cope with the needs of time. And I am thankful that I am spending my week that way, because it makes me appreciate the little times when I get the chance to stop and breathe for awhile. And it makes me happy. It makes me like more appreciative of the different things around me.

However, there are times when I really wanted to go home. I just want to see the family. It is really different not going home for summer.

Anyway, whatever happens I’ll make most of everything. There’s so many things yet to do. So many places to go. 

I will not stop progressing. I’ll keep striving- not surviving.  I’m pretty sure there will be a time when all my plans will just fall in to place.

Re-reading Old Self

I’m actually out of something to write. Or so I think. I’m trying to compose a post about our visit to Simala but I just can’t figure out why it is so hard to attach the pictures. /sigh/

Anyway, I’ve been visiting my old blogs. Re-reading past writings that I hope I could have done better. I felt insecure, happy, bitter, amazing, shocked, sad, and all mix-up of emotions. I one could read that I guess he/she would have figured me out. But that wouldn’t be a reliable source. I guess I’ve changed enough to say that that part of me right here has now evolved into something else. Maybe for the better or maybe for the worse.

It was particularly amazing that I was able to write those stuff. Even though some of it was for killing the time, I am really happy that I’ve tried writing. I have experienced enough rejection and depression to write something everyday. But I want to change that. I want to write because I am happy; because someone made me happy or something made me happy. Whatever. I don’t want to be depressed anymore. I don’t want to go back to the old self when I grieve and feel anxious even on the tiniest peck of problem.

I’ll keep on praying that I’ll learn from those experiences. It will not be easy but at least I’ll keep trying.

24 Things You Need To Stop Putting Off

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1. Cleaning out your closet, which currently has about a dozen clothing items you never wear and several shoes which are clearly abused beyond any kind of repair.

2. Taking your laundry out of the dryer. (Come on, it’s been in there for three episodes of Mad Men.)

3. Calling your grandparents and asking them how they are and what they’ve been up to these days — if they don’t pass out from shock at the effort you’re displaying by calling them in the first place.

4. Apologizing to someone you know you owe an apology to.

5. Responding to that Facebook message you got from that person you don’t really like that much but don’t have the heart to delete because it would make you look like an ass for no reason.

6. Renewing/updating your driver’s license.

7. Updating your blog, as you’ve basically just been filling it…

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