I Don’t Want To Be Lazy

It’s a matter of choice really. It isn’t some kind of mind boggling decision you need to make. No risk. But why is it so hard to do so? Why is it that it’s hard to move on from that bed and just do something that can change your day? Why is laziness so hard to take off?

Nevertheless, I am finally committing myself to a life of productivity. I’ll make my every day worth living. I’ll make sure to accomplish something every single day. I’ll try though it will be hard.

I’m starting and I hope you too. I need to make something out of myself. I know I am not just the “couch potato” or the “snorlax”. Though I know that’s my identity, I need to figure myself out more. I want to be something more just the grades and all.


Let’s start anew and embark to a new journey of anti-laziness. Let’s get up from that comfortable sit or bed and have a life.

Let’s embrace the sun while it’s and we are young.


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