I would like to thank everyone who participated, contributed, helped, and supported the 2013 Acceptance Party. Labor, Service, Acceptance and Love. Every moment spent with the team were all worth it. I’m so happy to be there, I’m so happy that YOU were there.

It  helped me to know the truth that all of us who were there were the selected few, the lucky few, the CHOSEN ones who get the chance to witness such profound event. We were blessed to see how the “manghuds” accepted us elders and how they have accepted the challenges that were given. I am so glad to see after almost year those manghuds whom we have treasured are now elders. I am so glad that I was there to witness it all.

During the whole duration of planning and making things possible for the acceptance, I felt that it is our (elders) responsibility to take care and mentor the manghuds. The quote from the Spiderman movie, “With great power comes great responsibility” was never my favorite. But during the year-long struggle and happiness and during the acceptance party I saw how this quote works. As I see it happening, I felt greatly inspired.

There are times I had to face the fact that I am weak and I perfectly-flawed. I apologize for being too emotional and for letting pressure get in to me. I am sorry. I am sorry for the mistakes I made, for the insensitivity I shared, for the offending looks I never wanted to give. I am sorry that maybe in small or big ways I may have hurt you. I am so sorry.

I apologize for the tears I shed. I never wanted to cry infront of you but I guess sometimes it is so much to contain. I am sorry for the times I had to show how sad I am. I am sorry if it is getting your spirits down, I do not intentionally want that to happen. However, there maybe tears shed, maybe many times, but the last tear I shed during the acceptance party (the baptism part), was a tear of happiness and love. It was only a tear but it made such difference in me. I realized how blessed I am to be there and to see you. It may be just a tear but a tear well spent.

To the elders and the officers namely Kuya Lucky, Ate Glennie, Kuya Randolph, Ate Grace, Ate Mae, Ate Jerra, Kuya Raymart, Kuya Paul, Kuya Rueno, Kuya Dexter, and all other Ates and Kuyas; thank you for showing me how it is to be responsible and spiritually equipped. Thank you for always being there in times of need. Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for mentoring me and the other elders to become who we are right now. Thank you for the continual love. Thank you.

To the manghuds, who are now officially “elders”, thank you! Thank you for always bringing that smile and laughter. Thank you for lighting up the room when it was gloomy and dark. Thank you for accepting the invitation even though we are persistent and sometimes annoying ( 😀 ). Thank you for the everyday support. Your presence in every activities and session made such beautiful difference. You have been one of our (elders) motivation to continually become a better person because we never want to disappoint you. Thank you for accepting the community. Thank you always praying. And may God always bless your wonderful heart. Keep the fire burning and always put Jesus in the center of your life.

To Ate Ijo, Kuya Jon2x and Kuya Jonathan, thank you for feeding our souls with such profound and amazing talks. You have been always our mentor and someone we could look up to. Your talks truly pierced our hearts. It made us realize. It opened our eyes and our hearts. We are really thankful for everything.

To the Service team; CJ, ate ava, ate jerra, ate sab, kuya jake, kuya jule, kuya simon, and every other service minister, I am greatly thankful for the delicious meal and the passion to do the task that was given. Thank you very much for being patient and for never giving up despite how hard the job will be. Thank you!

To the team, Kuya Wenzel, Kuya Enzo, Ate Kringkring, and Nikho, thank you! Thank you for never giving up despite the inevitable circumstances and struggles. Thank you for the usual support and back-up. Thank you that through this event I have known you more. The event was something I will never forget. It is nice serving with you.

To my prayer partner, Ate Jerra, thank you for always backing me up. Thank you for your openmindedness and for your usual love and care. You are such a treasure and a precious person in my life. Thank you for the prayers and support. Thank you for being just you. 😀

To Dada, thank you for the inspiration, the never-ending support and love. Your every word brings peace and inspiration to me. I will never sleep in your homily (haha). But I will surely be touched and will shed some tears whenever you start sharing your stories.

And most especially I am immensely thankful  to the To the Divine Provider and Father who made all these things to happen. Thank You Lord for everything. I am awestruck of Your love. I will be forever thankful for these people whom You have placed near me to become part of my life. I will be forever You child. Thank You Lord for always believing in me, for your merciful and just eyes, for the ever-profound love. I am forever Yours.

There are so many people who supported along the way whom I am thankful of but I think I have taken enough of your time for this. Nevertheless, I will forever appreciate, small or big, those supports and love you have shared with me.

The Acceptance Party is not the end, it is the start of something, a breakthrough. We have been always claiming for abundance of harvest, grace and love and I believe this year is the year. I believe that in small but meaningful steps we shall reach our goals and dreams. God is always with us. We shall never be shaken. We are strong. We are His warriors.

So now, the challenge is given and we will pass through life together no matter how topysturvy it is. We will be limitless and infinite because of the Awesome God above.

Share all the love and passion. Be always a warrior and a servant.

Thank you and God bless us all!




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