Let’s talk about the summer and the romances

(April 23, 2011)

My friends have been talking about summer flings for the past few days and I can’t help but to be curious about it. It’s about as interesting as sex.

But get the sex thing out of your head, this summer romances is not something so serious. In fact, as defined in most of the sites in the web, summer flings or romances are temporary relationship that occurs in summer season only. Basically, people who are bounded by this doesn’t have any commitment or obligation with each other.

After throwing questions to people from here and there and getting back their answers, it finally made sense to me.

Summer romances can be planned or not. You don’t have to be officially ‘in a relationship’. The idea here is to have a mutual feeling with someone by then you can do all the stuff lovers do. But of course, that depends on your deal or agreement.

I want to have this summer romance, I thought. Maybe I could give it a chance. I mean, it’s nothing serious and summer is getting boring anyway. However, a friend said that maybe there will come a time that I might fall in love with the person. And maybe it might be hard for me to get over of the person and that means it will be hard to leave the feelings behind.

On second thought, having one might just be disastrous as my failing grade. I’m scared to fall for love. I don’t want to get hurt; no one does like it, actually. I want to avoid the pain my friends are experiencing when they get into this love stuffs. I don’t get over of something so easily. I might just end up being cold and bitter.

I’m not fond of change either. I don’t like temporary feelings. It sucks. Really. Once, I had this high hopes on someone but in the end his feelings change and I end up getting upset. It’s not that I don’t accept change. I agree to change for the better but I guess, when you plan to change something it is really better if you also put to consideration how others feel about it.

It would be really pleasurable if I’ll have one this summer. I admit, it’s exciting but as much as I’m excited I’m scared too of the outcome. If anything comes to seriousness, I hope it would be my first and last.

Nevertheless, others enjoy this kind of relationship. No promises just enjoying the mutual feeling you feel for each other. Others crave for this and others just don’t care, if it comes then it comes. Others think that this serves as a training ground for a thoughtful one. Others even make this as their some escape from being lonely this summer. Others covet on this for amusement purposes.

Still, I do believe that whether a person wants to be involve in a love story in any season, he or she must be always full of love at heart. It’s good to be inspired always 🙂


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