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Coffee Shop Chronicles

When I first started working at the District Coffee Shop, my boss told me “Coffee is a universal language. You can go anywhere in the world and find coffee and the culture that surrounds it.”

I never for one moment doubted that statement. Coffee was something so personal to me, something that was more than just a warm cup; but rather an experience, emotional and physical, that I craved whether or not it was the caffeine driving it.

My friends at home were jealous when I told them I was moving to Seattle. I saw the barista faces of my friends long for the opportunity to be surrounded by so much good coffee. While I refrained from telling them just how many Starbucks there were in the city, I did share in their excitement and look forward to experiencing the coffee vibe of this city for myself.

Today when I…

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is it?

#randomthoughts because of a movie#

So what? I’m just jealous. I get jealous in little tiny things. I get jealous when you look at someone. I get jealous when you talk to someone else. I get jealous when you’re with someone else. I get jealous when you’re attention is diverted to someone else. I get jealous. It is normal they said. It is human nature. But it is selfish. I would be out of line if I tell you to stop doing these things. I know it annoys you. It’s you. I have nothing to do with you. I cannot demand anything. I cannot make you do things you don’t want to do.

No it is unfair of me to be these way. I don’ t even know if this is a form of love or what. Or is it?