360 acts of kindess

You know what we lack in? Kindness in action.

I really regret that everytime I see people in need, all my energy kindness is just stuck in my thoughts and I never do anything to make it come to life. It left me staring at the person and regretting everything. “I should have done this and done that”, would be my usual keeps afterwards.

I do not understand why we feel ashamed of doing kindness and why do we always just keep saying we pity the person and not do something to help. Or why do we even scared reaching a single hand to those who had fallen?
The situation I saw just this evening inspired me to write about this. I was eating at a fastfood chain with a friend. Then, I saw these two boys eating on the table next to us. I was just observing them ‘devouring’ the food. And when I say ‘devouring’, I mean they were eating as if they haven’t eaten for a day or so. Still, as I looked at them I feel pity crawl into my spine. I was thinking what if I was them.

Then, a woman approached and sat in front of them. I guess she was the one who gave them something to eat. I was really touched. I mean, you don’t see things like this in daily basis anymore. My friend suggested that maybe the woman was a relative but relative or not still it is really inspiring to see someone help someone.

There was also a time when I was walking to our school, I saw in the distant already a street child, sitting in front of the school gate, and a friend of friend, who did not see me, going outside of the gate. So there was I walking as I ignored the street child. Then, as I was just inside the gate, I saw the friend of a friend went near the child and handed him the drink she was holding. And not only her drink but she also searched her bag for a chocolate and gave it to him. Me, who stopped just to see what will happen was so awestruck that I smiled so wide. The moment was so sincere because that time I know no one else was watching except me, not even her friends who walked ahead of her. It was so touching. So sincere.. So real…
Right now, I challenge myself. I challenge myself to do something. I challenge myself to do it sincerely and real. I challenge myself to be an advocate of 360 acts of kindness. I challenge myself to become a better person.


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